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At Mini Fleet, we help people who have an assembly of vehicles to run their fleet efficiently.

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Picture your team, representing your company in one of these prestige vehicles. No two businesses are the same. That's why we have a range of vehicles to suit different businesses, industries and job roles. We organise fleet vehicles for families too.

We Go The Extra Mile

Mini Fleet is a business run on integrity, honesty and going the extra mile. We travel anywhere, sending vehicles Australia wide.

Dealer Principal, George Velt, started Mini Fleet with the aim to help families and small to medium enterprises efficiently and easily manage their fleet. Our company is structured around meeting people from all walks of life. As George says, "It’s the people that we like".

And, the people like Mini Fleet as well. Our customers often come back to purchase their sixth, seventh and eighth vehicle over many years. Each time they come back, it’s like greeting an old friend.

Minifleet is not in the business of undercutting the competition. We know that getting the right price for your lease is just one factor in managing a fleet. So, we also look for the best service to save you time and money.

Need a truck, van or motorcycle in your fleet? Mini Fleet supplies all kinds of commercial vehicles, bulldozers and machinery. We buy at fleet prices and pass the savings on to you!