Our Solution for Churchill Education

Often, what starts as a simple need to purchase a new vehicle, turns into an opportunity for a mutually beneficial partnership that lasts many decades.

Many of our clients come to us to buy a car for personal use and find the service so appealing they end up using Mini Fleet for business purposes as well.

Randall and Tricia are an excellent example of valued customers who have grown with us from the beginning. The pair owns and operates a training organisation employing sixteen staff. One day, many years ago, Randall sought a new four-wheel drive for both business and leisure purposes.

However, Churchill Education was in its early days, and as a new business owner, Randall was extremely busy. He didn’t have time to run around finding dealers who had the car he wanted at the right price. Thankfully, he called Mini Fleet.

Mini Fleet went the extra mile to ensure that Randall got the vehicle of his choice. We spoke to several dealerships across South-East Queensland and got an incredible deal, saving thousands of dollars off the retail price. After this success, Tricia and Randall decided to purchase a vehicle to cater for their large family. This time, Mini Fleet helped them buy a Luxury People Mover with a national fleet discount.

The partnership continues to evolve. Churchill now uses Mini Fleet not only to buy their vehicles but also to arrange tailor-made finance packages and organise the disposal of their existing vehicles.

Here’s what Randall says about the Mini Fleet service:

“With such significant savings on our own vehicles, we now use Mini Fleet to secure all our business development managers' company vehicles. With the help of the Mini Fleet team, we can now also offer our office staff the incentive of fleet savings on their private vehicles.”

We go the extra mile to make sure you get a good deal.