Our Solution for John and Tina

Mini Fleet is a family business. We're also in the business of helping other families save time and money.

In fact, we've sold 79 vehicles to one Brisbane family who keeps coming back. Every member of this family has a Mini Fleet vehicle – from grandparents to grandchildren.

Perhaps, it’s our commitment to quality and safety, as well as good prices, that inspires families to return. John and Tina came to us for that reason. They both drive late-model European cars and trade-in every three years. When their daughter, Natalie, passed her driving test, they were keen to buy her a cheap, but safe, first car.

Much to the delight of John and Tina, Mini Fleet found the right car for Natalie within a matter of days. As parents, they felt relieved that Natalie had reliable and safe transport, backed by a RACQ inspection and dealer warranty.

Here’s what John says about the Mini Fleet service:

“Mini Fleet has taken the hassle away from managing our cars. We now have a trusted advisor to tell us when to buy and sell our vehicles; someone who can find the best prices and advise us on where to get high-quality tax advice for each vehicle transaction. When I trade my BMW next year, I’ll certainly be calling the Mini Fleet team to help us again.”

We go the extra mile to make sure you get a good deal.