We Buy

At Mini Fleet, we buy vehicles and machinery that are fit for purpose. Our fleet options are diverse and could include cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, bulldozers or motorbikes.

We take the hassle out of buying new vehicles and equipment. Whether you’re a small business with several cars and utes, a family with a few vehicles for mum, dad and the kids, or a commercial enterprise with a fleet of 20 trucks, bikes, utes and cars; Mini Fleet can help you.

We understand the total cost of motoring, which helps us to purchase wisely and guide you through every stage of the fleet management process. We have strong relationships with all the major dealer groups so we can negotiate the best possible purchase price with maximum fleet discount - just like the large commercial fleet operators.

Of course, the benefit of using Mini Fleet is that our customers are our crew. And, we only want the best for our people.

We Specialize In Fleet Services

We Sell

While it’s important to buy at the right price, it’s equally necessary to get a good deal on the sale of your vehicle.

It all adds up! Don’t lose out on the changeover price. The team at Mini fleet can help you trade in your current vehicle for what it’s worth so that you can afford the new model of your choice.

It may seem like the easy option, but in many cases, handing your current vehicle over to a dealer will not be the most cost-effective decision. With 40 years of experience in the car industry, we're well-equipped to help you get the best possible return for your current vehicle.

Mini Fleet has access to many sales avenues, including private sale, sale to a specialist dealer network or wholesale/auction disposal. We do the groundwork to save you time.

Our core objective is to make the transition into a new vehicle quick, easy and cost-efficient. However, there are other advantages to using Mini Fleet.

Our partnerships with car industry finance professionals and insurance brokers assist us to look at the big picture of your fleet management. Buying and selling vehicles can be a costly exercise. We ensure you have all the help you need to get the most out of every dollar.

With the right accountancy advice, you can also maximise your tax position.