We Finance

Mini Fleet can help you finance your vehicle or equipment through Finance, Finance, Finance - it's simple, safe and hassle-free!

New and used vehicle financing are quick and straightforward processes with Finance, Finance, Finance.
If you're looking for service you can trust, please fill out the contact form below to book an appointment. We'll get in touch with you and make a time to discuss your individual or business finance needs. Following our initial discussion, we'll search for a car, truck, equipment or motorbike loan, or leasing arrangement, with rates and features that meet your requirements. We'll come back to you with a range of options and talk you through the pros and cons of each one.
From there, we'll assist with all the necessary paperwork and guide you through the finalisation process.
And, our assistance doesn't end there! We offer an ongoing personal service you don't often find when securing finance through a bank or car dealer. Contact us at any time to review your needs. The more we know about our customers - the better we can continue to assist them.


We'll let you know your options up front. Our dedication to honesty and transparency leads to regular referrals.


Everyone deserves five-star assistance. We aim for nothing less than customer-service excellence.

the right rates

We won’t take advantage of your need for quick finance. Our focus is on finding the best offer for you in the fastest time.

range of services

Only had your ABN for one day? There's still a finance option for you. We offer a broad range of products.

We Insure

Whether you're an individual or business, insurance is essential to protecting your assets, your health, your employees and your family.

Even if your business is thriving, you don't want to be hit with unexpected and costly repairs, legal expenses, or replacement and health care costs associated with accidents or theft.
Insurance is how we manage the risk and responsibility of ownership. At Finance, Finance, Finance, we offer full comprehensive insurance through Australia's leading providers. We also work with reputable niche insurance providers to give you a range of gap cover, loan protection and warranty options.
As a Brisbane-based finance and insurance company offering services to local business and individuals, we always try to source insurance protection from respected national providers.